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Straight Razor Sharpening, Restorations & Honing Services


You'll Like How Your Razor Shaves, I Guarantee It

Don't you deserve a qucker turnaround time? Shouldn't your razor be sharpened on the finest stones the world has to offer?

Of course you do! You deserve better. Better turnaround times and a better edge. A Sharper Razor is here to provide that for you. Not only do we offer unsurpassed straight razor sharpening services, we also offer razor restoration and custom scales. Now, you too can have a valuable heirloom to pass on for generations.

get your straight razor professionally honed

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shave with a straight razor? Do you want to recreate the luxurious feeling a straight razor shave performed by the skilled hands of a master barber?

You can! It is not hard. By following our articles on straight razor shaving, you too can master the art of the perfect shave.

straight razor honing, restoration, custom scales, and sharpening services

Restored Straight Razors